APIA Development Program


The purpose of the Club formulating an Under 9s, 10s, 11 and 12s Division 1 Development Program is that some players have commenced playing later than others, and as such have been disadvantaged, and because of such a young age, there is still an opportunity to move forward and prepare yourself to attain a NSW SAP (Boys and Girls) or NSW NPL Premier Youth League position, moving forward.

Cost: Boys $1250 – Girls $750

Returning Players in the 2022 ADP program will receive a $250 discount.

Structure:  The teams will participate in the Canterbury District Football Association Under 9s, Under 10s, Under11s and Under12s – Division 1 Competition.

Trial Dates

  • Saturday 20th November   11am-12pm (noon)
  • Saturday 4th December   11am-12pm (noon)
  • Saturday 18th December  11am-12pm (noon)


The teams will consist of:

U9s x 11 players, U10s x 11 players, U11s x 12 Players, U12 x 13 Players

Training will be compulsory for two sessions a week. 

The coach will be licenced/accredited.  (No Parents)


Previous MatchStatus

WWFC 1 vs 2 APIA

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